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Develop and deliver a coherent and consistent brand and user experience for all international Jordans Cereals sites.


Our challenge was to develop a series of sites which shared a common brand DNA but had enough flexibility in design to represent the different pack styles for each country. Keeping illustration as a common theme throughout all international sites we then developed a series of colourways, textures and fonts to differentiate the sites.

Built on Uber CMS we developed a lightweight, responsive framework which could be easily skinned to provide each of the international markets with their own identity. Core functionality areas were crafted, developed and then shared between sites, with bespoke areas and customised modules to enable each site to add specific functionality.


  • Responsive Parallax website
  • Illustration
  • Built on Uber CMS

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Responsive international digital platform

Jordans Cereals website screenshot


Collating current SKU styles and competitor research allowed us to build a unique brand palette for each country. Each colour range took an aspect from the pack to make it feel consistent but we simplified and in some cases changed the secondary colour to differentiate the sites.

Textures and colour palettes Font selection


Jordans are a small but very busy team covering a lot of different territories and channels. Our strategic challenge was to deliver a solution which could be updated easily at minimal cost, while retaining the flexibility to allow each international site to retain it's independence and identity.

Same framework for all the websites

Wireframe for Jordans Cereals homepage

Asset delivery

Illustration is the key component of the sites visual consistency, it provides a visual hook to connect all territories and allows us to change palette and font while retaining a familiar signature. Each asset went though a number of phases as we explored how the brand should look and feel.

Asset development - experiments with illustration style


Developing an open and clean look and feel enabled us to bring out the signature brand elements with texture, colour and illustration, allowing us to significantly change the look and feel without the need for a costly refresh.

Responsive layouts

Making the site responsive was an obvious choice, but we didn't want to develop a traditional responsive site which followed a boxy modular approach. The site we envisioned had a fluid open layout and one where the mobile version would be as interesting as the main site without having to compromise in quality of information or usability.

Responsive layouts
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