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The Eastman Innovation Lab explores how Eastman materials have enabled industrial designers to push the boundaries of what's possible when designing products.


How does a blue-chip industrial giant increase brand pull from a marketing-savvy design community?

Uber developed an engaging and visually rich showcase for Eastman, focusing on the innovative application of Eastman materials while communicating the benefits of those materials to brand owners on six continents.


  • Website built on Uber CMS
  • Motion graphic
  • Animation
  • Filming talking heads
  • Strategy
  • Design Guidlelines

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Website overview

Eastman Innovation Lab overview

The platform

Asset development

We craft all our UI and wireframes by hand before we design digitally, it’s a quicker process and keeps the process fluid and creative. Each of these icons were sketched and refined by the team before client sign off and render to a realistic finish.

Asset development

Website evolution

The team at Eastman trust us to push the boundaries of what’s possible while keeping us focussed on the business objectives. The innovation lab is in its second iteration and you can see how we’ve pushed the possibility at every stage from the original site through to the current iteration of the Innovation Lab website.

Website evolution

Website pages

We developed an open framework for the next generation Innovation Lab, making a hero of the content and keeping the UX simple and elegant. This design methodology also applied to the structure of the site, reducing the number of sections but keeping the same volume of content by adding an innovative filtering section.

Video case study 01


We storyboard all aspects of our work, video, website and interface, it’s become an important way for us to combine creativity with storytelling in a fluid and inclusive process. Starting with a storyboard session, we visually explore the story and creative hook for the film, ending with a series of boards mapping out how the story unfolds.

Video 01 - storyboard


We then develop a previz which enables the team to pace the video and uncover any gaps in the story. It’s at this point that we begin to develop transitions and start to consider what elements need to be highly animated and crafted.

Video case study 02


The same storyboard process also enables the team to experiment with camera angles, props and interactions for a studio shoot. Combined with a style guide, this gives the crew a visual idea of how the Creative Director will shoot the scenes and the style they need to replicate.

Video 02 - storyboard


You can see how all this comes together on location. Working as a lightweight team we shoot digitally on 4K red cameras and use innovative kit to capture the shots we need. Making sure we pack in as much shoot time as possible into the day keeps costs to a minimum, enabling the team to spend more time in post polishing the final result.

Watch the behind the scenes video

Video case study 03


Video 03 - storyboard

3D assets development

We model most of the assets we use in the videos we produce, adding detail helps make the animation become more engaging and real. Alstrom is a great example of how small details make a big difference, just watch out for unfurling grass when you watch the video.

Video 03 - 3D assets development


The final video is then graded and delivered on a variety of platforms to make sure we connect with the largest possible audience. One of the biggest added benefits of our work is its ability to be used for multiple purposes. Innovation Lab assets have helped to engage designers, inspire colleagues, empower sales staff and enliven corporate videos.

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