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Inspire designers across the world to specify Eastman materials while bringing life to the brand tagline "The results of insight".


Floods account for more than half of global disasters, affecting more people than any other type of disaster. Hydropak is one of the most interesting products we've had the opportunity to be involved with. A paper-thin 4-inch by 6-inch pouch filled with electrolytes and nutrients that on contact with water, swells up over an 8-to-12 hour period to create a flavored, healthy drink. We developed a series of different touch points to promote the product and Eastmans involvement, from talking head interviews through to a documentary shot in Kenya and animations of the pack in action.

As part of our continued work on the Eastman Innovation Lab we animate and bring to life a number of different products made with Eastman material. Since launch, the site has generated over 4 million visits and inspired a generation of new designers to choose Eastman Material.


  • Direction
  • Storyboarding
  • Animation
  • Graded and rendered for various devices
  1. HTI Kenya Hydropack
  2. HTI Kenya Hydropack
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    HTI Kenya Hydropack
  5. HTI Kenya Hydropack
  6. HTI Kenya Hydropack

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