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To create a community driven platform which enables the product design community to share projects, inspirations and their experience with materials. Supported by the materials database from Eastman, the site should create collaborations and educate.


The main challenge was creating a site where users would want to add content  VS. supplying them educational content about materials, without making it overwhelming. To help make this clear divide we created three key areas by Materials, Inspirations and Projects, with a strong visual style so users knew the main CTA. 
We ensured the brand and style was clean and fresh, so the uploaded content remained the focus on the page. We used intelligent user interfaces and wizards to provide the user a content & functionally rich website.


Web design and build
Video production
2D & 3D animation


Beta site has launched, with new users joining via invites from current users. Now it's time for us to review and collect feedback on how to it make better for launch.

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