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Inspire designers across the world to specify Eastman materials while bringing life to the brand tagline "The results of insight".


600,000 plastic water bottles are thrown away in the US every 15 minutes. It's a staggering fact and one that inspired industrial designer Rusty Allen to design and produce GOBIE H20. 

Illustrating scenarios of use and using freeze frame shots of water in motion we deconstruct the GOBIE bottle and describe where Eastman Tritan helps to deliver a better product.

As part of our continued work on the Eastman Innovation Lab we animate and bring to life a number of different products made with Eastman material. Since launch the site has generated over 4 million visits and inspired a generation of new designers to choose Eastman Material.


  • Direction
  • Storyboarding
  • Animation
  • Graded and rendered for various devices
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