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Promote a newly launched range of fragrances by Davidoff, breathing digital life into the "Are you a real champion?" campaign.


We envisioned and built an interactive movie which put the user at the centre of the story as the "Davidoff Hero". The user could upload a picture or use their webcam to map their face realistically into the promotional video. This was later integrated on Facebook and encouraged users to share with their friends to help promote the new range. Simple but effective the promotion scored 60,000 hits in it's first week.


  • Design strategy
  • Storyboard and filming
  • Website
  • Social integration
  • Tracking and measurement

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  1. Davidoff Champion
  2. Davidoff Champion
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    The uploaded portraits are put through a series of filters, stylised and mapped into position. The video is then re-rendered in real-time and played back with the user as the hero of the campaign.

  4. Davidoff Champion
  5. Davidoff Champion
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  7. Davidoff Champion

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