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Promote the use of glass and reinforce Corning's position as the worlds leading glass expert, breathing life in to the story of glass and detailing the use of this remarkable material.


Based on background material written by the eminent Dr. Peter Bocko, the parallax site covers 10 little known Glass Facts. Illustrating the inherent properties of glass and how its attributes have helped shape how we live and enabled innovation in every corner of the world.

Our challenge was to bring these fascinating facts alive with animation and interactivity, making it more interesting to read, easier to understand and more likely to be shared and discussed.


  • Responsive Parallax website
  • Illustration
  • 3D renders
  • Animation
  • Storyboarding

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Responsive parallax

Corning Glass Class responsive parallax website screenshot


Using Dr. Bocko's material as the basis for our storyboard session, the Uber team and client sketched, imagined and sweated the details to re-imagine this amazing story of glass.


Asset development

Hand sketched elements were built into a prototype framework, testing the flow of the story and effectiveness of each illustration. Each asset was then painstakingly detailed, built and animated by the motion team.

  • version 01

    Version one
  • version 02

    Version two
  • version 03

    Version three


People are inherently visual, online we're deluged with facts and figures but a great infographic has the ability to cut through confusion and make the fact real and understandable. Developed around a consistent style each infographic was first sketched then qualified and detailed.



Developed as both a parallax and responsive site we had our work cut out to make the site look and feel consistent on all platforms and devices. We made the most of the latest hardware by using inbuilt graphics capability to help power the animation but made sure that even on the most lowly device provided an elegant and smooth experience.

Parallax animation

Parallax animation - keep scrolling down
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