Anti Bac


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To show the day-to-day use of a touchscreen, highlight bacteria build up and show how Corning's technology will transform and improve the hygiene of touchscreen use: perfect for phones and tablets.


Uber visually translated Corning's advances in cutting edge glass technology for touchscreen consumers, bringing to life their antimicrobial Gorilla Glass. Showing a device being used in the wild by a typical smartphone user, we were able to illustrate day-to-day bacteria build up that goes unnoticed. We then deep-dived into the technology to show how silver ions embedded in the glass attack and destroy bacteria. 


  • Direction
  • Storyboarding
  • Filming
  • 3D animation
  • Post production and grading
  • Music and sound effects


Pioneering engineering revealed at the CES show 2014, the announcement of this technology got a lot of news attention from around the world, including the BBC.

  1. Anti Bac
  2. Anti Bac
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    We animated the technology, showing how the antimicrobial silver ions embedded in the glass destroy bacteria.

  4. Anti Bac
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