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Bring together three different Artco businesses under a new group brand, developing mark, collateral, website and digital marketing plan.


We developed a new conherent brand language based on the existing mark. We then tweaked the typeface, colour palette and application to bring the logo up to date. 

While we were applying this across business collateral we built a new website based on the updated brand look and feel and tone of voice.


  • Design and digital strategy
  • Design guidelines
  • Website templates
  • Content strategy
  • Photography style & shoot
  • Digital Marketing

Visit the website

  1. Artco Group website
  2. Artco Group website
  3. Blank

    We developed a simple illustration style to demonstrate where AGI's work can be implemented and how it makes a difference to their customers.

  4. Artco Group website
  5. Artco Group website
  6. Artco Group website
  7. Artco Group website

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