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Showcase the benefits of a potentially revolutionary new material, when the product hasn't yet hit the shelves.


While Californian industrial designers DD Studio led the creation of physical prototypes, Uber helped 3M create virtual content, rapid storyboard and pre-viz top-level design concepts. Which allowed the project lead-time to be cut to weeks rather than months. 

DD Studio created place-holder props which Uber took into a white studio environment. Shooting on 4K Red One and using a green screen and markers for 3D environment tracking ,the place-holders were used as guides and replaced with CGI models in post production.


  • Studio shoot with actors
  • 3D motion graphics
  • GUI animation and design
  • Music and sound effects
  • 1.50 min launch video
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    Filmed on a green screen in 4K, we designed and mapped a beautiful UI onto prototype products provided by the 3M team in post production.

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